Author: Jayne Nisbet

Date Of Publication: 03/05/2018

This part-memoir and part self-help book follows high jumper Jayne’s story from the darkest depths of her eating disorder to her success in the 2014 Commonwealth Games. As a professional athlete, Jayne was under enormous pressure from her coach, team and from herself, which played a role in her developing bulimia. Her illness had a significant impact on her high-jumping career, leading her to re-evaluate her life in order to reach her goals.

Jayne shares her own experience alongside prompts for self-help, demonstrating that despite the common feeling amongst sufferers that there is no hope, recovery is possible and is worth the hard work involved.

If you are ready to begin your recovery, or need some inspiration and motivation along your journey, this book is for you. The language and short chapters make it easy to read and Jayne’s tone is that of a good friend who wants you to become your best self. Her guidance is based on positive affirmations and focusing on goals in small, manageable time frames.

Jayne has mostly avoided triggering information but does mention specific weights, which may be unhelpful for those who are still suffering so please do read with caution.

Andrea, Beat