End the Wait

What’s the issue?

It’s vital that people with eating disorders get treatment as quickly as possible to have the best chance of a full and long-lasting recovery. However, there are often delays in spotting the signs and receiving a diagnosis, as well as long waiting lists for treatment. A recent survey by Beat showed that those in Wales who responded were waiting an average of 14 weeks from referral to treatment beginning, and those in Scotland waited an average of 17 weeks. People who desperately need treatment are left waiting too long to receive it. We need to do better to help those with eating disorders.

What we're doing

We are petitioning the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament to introduce waiting times targets of four weeks for specialist eating disorders treatment to begin, and improve access to treatment for everyone with an eating disorder in Wales and Scotland.

We will also be calling on all Assembly Members and Members of Scottish Parliament to support our campaign, as their voices will be vital in moving forward with the introduction of these targets.

What you can do

In just one minute, you can add your support to our petition for Wales or Scotland.

In three minutes, you can sign our petition and send a letter to your local Assembly Member or Member of Scottish Parliament, letting them know that you have signed the petition, bringing this issue to their attention, and calling on them to support the campaign. If you’ve got a few more minutes, why not personalise the letter by sharing your own experiences of accessing treatment in your area. This can make a massive difference in helping them to understand the issue more fully, and see the impact it has on those living in their area.

If you’ve got a little longer, why not ask your Assembly Member or Member of Scottish Parliament if they will meet with you to discuss the issue further? Face-to-face meetings can have a huge impact and really help to convey personal experience and your passion for the cause. The Beat Campaigns Team can support you every step of the way, and staff may even be able to attend the meeting with you. Our Campaigners Toolkit has some helpful tips about writing to and meeting with your local politician.