Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2018 will take place from 26 February to 4 March. 

This year, during Eating Disorders Awareness Week, we’ll be asking the question ‘Why Wait?’

On average, 149 weeks pass before those experiencing eating disorder symptoms seek help. That’s almost three years, 37 months or 1,043 days. On top of this, in a YouGov survey conducted for EDAW, more than one in three adults (34%) in the UK, who gave an answer, could not name any signs or symptoms of eating disorders. Find out more about the signs of an eating disorder.

We know the sooner someone gets the treatment they need, the more likely they are to make a full and fast recovery. As well as campaigning to improve the services available, we recognise that we must raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of an eating disorder and encourage and empower people to take action now – no matter how long their symptoms have been present.

So, join us this EDAW to ask: ‘Why Wait?’

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Take a photo in your boldest socks and post it on your social media to join our #SockItToEatingDisorders campaign.

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Order Beat literature and display it in your local communities: at work, school, GP surgery or the corner shop!

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Use our quick and simple form to email your MP, encouraging them to support and champion better awareness and treatment for eating disorders.

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Sign up to Sock It to Eating Disorders and raise funds, combat stigma and save lives.

Film and post your own 30 second video encouraging others to seek help. Tell us: who you are, why you’re supporting our #WhyWait campaign, and why recovery is worth it.

Take action


We’re calling on the Government to extend the current waiting times targets that exist for CAMHS in England, to ensure people of all ages are able to access eating disorder treatment as soon as they need it. Petition them now.


Research by Beat shows that in Wales, on average, three years pass between the symptoms of an eating disorder emerging and treatment starting. The sooner someone gets the treatment they need, the more likely they are to make a full and sustained recovery. Contact your AM now.

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