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Let’s show the UK how many people are really affected by eating disorders

Speak out on social media about how eating disorders have affected you, your family or your friends. We know that eating disorders thrive on secrecy, stigma and silence but when you speak out your story has the power to change this. Let’s show the real impact of eating disorders and how many of you are affected this Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Together, we can change perceptions and make sure the people we love get the support they need.

Speak about your experience on social media to help raise awareness and raise funds.

  • Facebook – pin a post to your wall with a donate button or use the Fundraiser function.
  • Instagram – add a video story to Instagram with a donate sticker.

Remember not to include any content or images that could be triggering for others. A trigger warning isn’t enough! If it could be triggering, don’t share it.

We know that speaking openly about your experience can be a bit scary at first but we’re here to help. If you’re not sure where to start, why not talk it through with a friend or clinician? That’s what one supporter, Hannah, did and she found it helped her move forward with her recovery, confident in the knowledge that her fundraising would help others too.   

I was terrified to share my story because my eating disorder was my secret. I had never shared this part of me, but I learnt how important this step could be in my recovery. I wrote a draft of what I wanted to share and asked for my family, psychologist and Beat to read it. I began by sharing my story slowly, starting with my grandparents and best friends before sharing publicly on Facebook. Taking this huge step was the most terrifying but rewarding experience. No longer was it my secret, my hidden demon.

I could now talk about my struggles with anyone and be supported by all my family and friends. I could rebuild my relationships with my friends, and I could feel more free from my eating disorder as it was no longer only me fighting it, everyone was on my side against it.

Ready to share your experience? Start your Facebook Fundraiser now or share your story on a JustGiving page.

Raise funds. Help loved ones. Beat eating disorders.