Eating Disorders: A Parents’ Guide

Author: Rachel Bryant-Waugh and Bryan Lask

Date Of Publication: 03/10/2013

Eating Disorders: A Parents’ Guide is a comprehensive, clear and reassuring guide to eating disorders for parents and carers. Written by Rachel Bryant-Waugh (Joint Head of the Feeding and Eating Disorders Service at Great Ormand Street Hospital) and Bryan Lask (Emeritus Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of London), the second edition provides a calming yet practical approach supported by real life examples. Published in 2013, the guide is up-to-date on treatment and situations which parents may face.

The book takes parents through eating disorders from defining each disorder to treatment and ongoing care. It takes a balanced approach, providing information on all of the eating disorders and using concise yet illuminating case studies from the authors’ own practice. The ‘causes’ section is particularly well explained, considering the complex range of factors and using appropriate analogies. Though anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa take a central focus, other illnesses are discussed considerately. Consistency and commitment are key messages to parents, with an emphasis on teamwork which may not always be available to the reader.

An excellent starting point for any parent concerned about their child’s relationship with food, this guide provides a good balance of reassuring practical advice, backed up by examples.

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