Delaying for years, denied for months (Scotland)

Author: Beat

Date Of Publication: 02/04/2020

We carried out an online survey in early 2017, which we promoted through the Beat website, email, and social media. One hundred and fifty eight people who accessed the survey lived in Scotland when they were first referred to receive treatment for an eating disorder. For this report, we have analysed the data from the 125 respondents who had their (first) assessment appointment between 2007-2017. This is to ensure that the data reflects recent experiences. Some of the survey questions were only applicable to certain respondents and some others were optional. 

This survey asked about experiences of accessing treatment for an eating disorder. It included questions about how quickly the respondents had been able to access treatment after the start of their illness, and the support and information provided between referral and the start of treatment. 

This survey was open to anyone with experience of accessing treatment for an eating disorder. As a result, there is the possibility of self-selection bias. This, combined with the relatively small sample size, means that the group of sufferers who chose to respond to this survey may not be fully representative of all sufferers in Scotland.

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