Spotting the Signs

Intended audience

Teachers, school counsellors, school nurses and other school-based professionals.

Key outcome

School-based professionals are able to spot the signs and symptoms of eating disorders, provide appropriate support and make an effective intervention and referral.

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Spotting the Signs

Teachers and other school-based professionals are ideally placed to spot the early signs of an eating disorder. This course ensures that they know those signs and have the skills to talk effectively to a young person who may be suffering, encouraging and supporting them to seek treatment as soon as possible.

Our aim is to teach one or two professionals per secondary school. Participants receive materials including posters and leaflets, as well as electronic learning resources that can be used in lesson planning and to pass the knowledge and skills gained on to colleagues. All participants have lifetime access to a specialist helpline for coaching support. A similar course is also in development for professionals working in primary education.

Participants who attended our training courses reported an 83% increase in their awareness of the signs and symptoms of eating disorders.*

This has been an amazing insight into eating disorders. I definitely have a better understanding and feel empowered enough to support our vulnerable pupils more confidently.Teaching professional
An informative, comprehensive and well-structured course delivering very good CPD Value. Strong interactivity with a variety of case studies, activities, videos, and opportunities through discussion to boost learning and engagement throughout the course.Teaching professional

*Based on feedback from Beat’s contract with the NHS West Midlands Clinical Network.