Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Beat are delighted to be working with the Suffolk Children and Young People's Community Eating Disorder Service and Norfolk Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust. Through this partnership Beat will improve awareness, knowledge and education of eating disorders, so we can enable more young people to get the help they need at the earliest opportunity.

Beat will work across Suffolk with professionals and young people to improve knowledge and understanding of eating disorders. Beat will provide professionals and young people with information about Beat’s own national support services and the Children and Young People's Community Eating Disorder Service, how to access these, and what to do if you’re concerned about yourself or someone you know. 

For Professionals

Beat will be holding four free professional development training sessions in Suffolk. The training days are aimed at anyone who works with children or young people and could therefore play a vital role in spotting the first signs of an eating disorder.

Beat and the Trust hope that by equipping professionals with the knowledge to recognise the signs and symptoms of an eating disorder, and the skills and confidence to take appropriate action, more young people will get help at an earlier stage of their illness.

Young People’s Engagement

Beat will be providing awareness assemblies for students across Suffolk. These awareness assemblies will be led by one of Beat’s inspirational Young Ambassadors, supported by a member of Beat staff.

The aim of these assemblies is to increase young people’s understanding of eating disorders, dispel the myths associated with these serious mental illnesses, and make students aware of what to do if they are worried about themselves or someone they care about.

Ongoing support

Across all elements of Beat’s Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust work, we will signpost to our online support services for young people. These are supportive spaces where young people can benefit from the positive effect of peer support. Beat hope that this support will empower young people to seek help if needed.

For more information about Beat’s work in Suffolk, please email