Intended audience

Parents, carers, other family members and friends.

Key outcome

Carers will receive telephone coaching and support to guide their loved one towards recovery.

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Echo, our telephone peer coaching service tackles the isolation too often experienced by carers and families of someone with an eating disorder and gives them essential skills to support their loved one and guide them towards a sustained recovery.

Carers receive a telephone call every week for six months from a Beat coach. These are carers who have themselves previously supported someone to recovery from an eating disorder. Coaches are comprehensively trained and receive ongoing supervision to ensure they can continue to give effective support.

The weekly call enables the coach to share their experiences and provide information about how to implement effective models of care. This is also a space where the carer and coach can reflect together on how well these skills are being implemented in areas such as supported mealtimes.

I would never have had the time to attend a peer support group once a month. What I really needed was a phone call every week just to be able to talk to someone that really understands and be able to ask them, ‘Is this normal? Did this happen to you?Carer