Binge Eating Disorder Online Workshop for Schools

Binge eating disorder will affect one in fifty of us in our lifetime, it is the most common but least understood eating disorder. It isn’t about being greedy or lacking in willpower, but a serious mental illness which many suffer with alone, often with the fear of how others might react the reason they don’t reach out for help. From our work we know that people with binge eating disorder face unique challenges in seeking and finding help. There is a significant amount of shame and stigma associated with the illness resulting in unhelpful and often harmful reactions from loved ones and sometimes even healthcare professionals.

We want EDAW 2021 to help start to change these conversations, helping more kindness and compassion to be shown to people with binge eating disorder at every stage of their illness and recovery.


Date: Tuesday 2nd March 
Time: 3.30pm-4.30pm

Why attend?

At Beat we recognise the importance of schools training; children are nine times more likely to talk to a teacher than they are a parent about their eating disorder’ and we recognise that schools play an important role in spotting early warning signs.

Over recent years there has been a real focus around obesity within school settings and the Obesity Strategy to reduce childhood obesity.

We want to give schools the opportunity to learn more about binge eating disorder and to be able to ask questions to Gemma Fieldsend, Clinical Associate Trainer at Beat.

Learning outcomes

  • To increase knowledge of binge eating disorders and the impact they can have
  • Dispel any misconceptions associated with BED
  • Have an awareness of risk factors & early warning signs
  • Develop an empathy for why despite recovery being possible for all, it can be met with resistance and a high relapse rate until the point at which a person is ready

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