Bespoke University Training

Are you confident talking to students about eating disorders?

Our new bespoke university training programme will teach you how to support and access appropriate treatment. Feeling comfortable talking about eating disorders can increase the chances of early detection & prevent students falling through the gaps, ensuring cases are picked up.

The course is delivered by one of Beat’s Clinical Associate Trainers who has professional training and extensive experience of working with people with eating disorders. 

The main learning objectives of the course are as follows: 

Expanding empathy, resources and confidence to support students who have an eating disorder.

Improved understanding of:

  • Professional awareness of the signs and symptoms of the 3 major eating disorders
  • How to spot the signs and symptoms of an eating disorder
  • Additional challenges, vulnerability and risks associated with students who have an eating disorder
  • How to support and access appropriate treatment
  • When a student’s fit enough for study
  • Beat support services 
"Never have I experienced a workshop so detailed but also so incredibly useful" Previous attendee

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