Beating Eating Disorders Step by Step: A self-help guide for recovery

Author: Anna Patterson

Date Of Publication: 03/10/2017

Anna Patterson lived with anorexia for 14 years and since her recovery she has written a number of books as well as hosting her own website.

Beating eating disorders is a step by step practical guide book that takes the reader from choosing to let go of the illness through to maintaining and living with a healthy weight and outlook. Anna Patterson covers key issues that are often faced during recovery and provided tips and guidance about how to break habitual behaviours. Topics covered include: recognising triggers, challenging negativity, anger and anxiety management, and self-harm.

Although this book is primarily aimed at those in recovery, chapter one provides crucial information about a range of eating disorders and the book can provide parents, friends and professionals useful insight into what recovery brings.

What is good about this book?

  • The reader is encouraged to complete and take recovery at their own pace making this book ideal to dip in and out of.
  • Empathic and positive language is used throughout the book without being patronising.
  • A range of therapeutic exercises are covered for the reader to explore.
  • Information about bulimia, anorexia, binge eating and compulsive overeating is covered within the chapters.

It is worth noting that not every exercise in this book will be useful as everyone’s experience of recovery is unique, so if something doesn’t work for you then turn the page and move on. Recipes are provided within the last chapter and although this can be used for reference as well as encourage people that no food group is off limits, Beat would suggest consulting a medical professional or treatment team, which could include support from a dietitian, for meal plan advice.

Inclusion of a book on this website does not indicate a recommendation by Beat and it is important to check whether you feel the book is suitable for you at this time. Beat try to ensure that we put a warning about any content that may be triggering in the reviews but different people will respond in different ways to things that they read. Remember, if you do feel distressed by anything you read then you can contact our Helpline Services Team to talk through how you are feeling and get information about other sources of support.