A New Day

Author: Emma Scrivener

Date Of Publication: 03/05/2018

As a Christian, I was keen to dig into Emma Scrivener’s “A New Day”. Her new book is different to most recovery books in that she puts her faith at the centre. Many people who journey through recovery often get stuck at “believing in a Power greater than oneself”, as outlined in the twelve-step program. 

I, too, hit this barrier in my own recovery. But Scrivener skilfully breaks down this wall that separates one's heart from God’s, because she does not waste words examining the surface; she journeys right to the core, right to the mess. She explores the challenging range of emotions that are felt by all people. We all feel the good and the bad, and no one is exempt. Ignoring our God-given emotions can create a breeding ground for mental illness, and when we are in the depths of a mental illness, it is difficult to recover without first acknowledging that we cannot do so in our own strength. 

We have already tried to do life in our own strength and that brought us to our mess. Scrivener beautifully declares that “every day we will fall, but every day He will give us new strength.” I feel that anyone of Christian faith, who is beginning their journey through recovery will gain a lot from this book, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.