Do You Have an Eating Disorder?

Eating disorders are complex mental illnesses. People of all ages, genders, ethnic groups and backgrounds can be affected.

Supporting Someone With an Eating Disorder

If you know somebody who has an eating disorder or who you think might have an eating disorder, Beat can help. 

Going to the Doctor

Find out how to approach your GP about an eating disorder and take the first step to treatment.

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Downloadable Resources

Search our resources for information on eating disorders. Available for download or ordering.

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Helpline Review

In the last few years, we’ve made huge changes to our Helpline services. To continue to improve the services we provide, we asked independent organisation Fiveways to evaluate the Helpline. 

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Training & CPD

Learn how to pick up on early signs of eating disorders, how to approach someone you’re concerned about, and what you can do to help them into the treatment they need.

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